Mt Cook Helipad Installation

For many years access to our site at Mt Cook has been restricted, as there is no clearing for a helicopter to land. In order to access our site, the helicopter would hover beside a large rock on the side of the mountain and our team would step onto the rock.

After an unfortunate accident in October 2014 involving our very own manager John La Cava amongst others, the decision was made to install a helipad on top of Mt Cook.

Following his recovery, John organised and coordinated the construction, assembly and installation of the helipad with the help of the team at Miles Electronics. After five months, the helipad was officially opened on the 10th of September 2015 by John and Mayor Peter Scott of the Cook Shire Council.

Those in attendance included the Miles Electronics team, the Mayor Peter Scott who was also injured in the accident, paramedics and emergency service workers who were present and assisted the day of the accident, and John’s family.

Below are a collection of photos showing the construction of the helipad as well as the official opening.