Technical Services

Technical Services


Our company is well known throughout Australia for the comprehensive service we provide and our quality of knowledge and workmanship.  We provide a dependable service and have built crucial business relationships throughout our 35 years of operation with State and Federal Government departments as well as extensive maintenance contracts with the Qld Emergency Services.  As the preferred external contractor in the state for the Qld Ambulance Service & Qld Fire & Rescue Service, Miles Electronics provides essential and irreplaceable communications support to the Far Northern Region.

Consulting closely with our clients from the outset, Miles Electronics delivers precisely what our customers require along with expert advice, the latest technologies in communications and personalised service.  As we assure our products for their lifespan, we are never more than a phone call away with 24 hour support guaranteed.

Miles Electronics supplies a range of technical services including:

• Radio communication networks including, base stations, repeater sites, mobile & portable radios, solar powered sites, towers and antenna networks.
• Navigation and communication equipment on fishing vessels and yachts.
• Remote control telemetry equipment for mining, sewerage, water management and other applications.
• Satellite communications for mobile and fixed voice and data applications.
• Microwave data link infrastructure installation and servicing.
• Maintenance and repairs of equipment
• 24 hour support
• Rental of radios and satellite phones, short and long term
• Maintenance contracts

We service and maintain all of our installations for the life of the product.  For more information on our products and suppliers, please see our Suppliers page.